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        Welcome to my nursery website. I would like to offer you a short trip to the world of plants I offer. As a collector I always strive to provide the highest quality range of products.


       At my nursery you can find, among others, plants from such groups like: garden orchids,

ornamental grasses, shade-loving plants, rock garden plants, flower beds perennials, interesting trees and shrubs as well as a great variety of bulbous plants and many others for more or less demanding plant enthusiasts.


Among many you can find here plants from such genera, like:


Arisaema – Cobra Lily

Asarum – Wild Ginger

Cypripedium – Lady Slipper Orchid

Hepatica – Liverleaf

Hosta – Hosta Lilies

Lilium – Lily

Trillium – Toad-shade






We ship our plants between the 15st of March and the 30th of June and between the 1st of August and the 30th of October.  Many of our are shipped without pots and sometimes even bare-root (it concerns especially dormant bulbs, tubers and rhizomes), what does not adversely affect the health and further growth of plants.


The plants with an annotation “plants to order” are shipped only in March and September. The orders shall be placed at least one month in advance.